It is time for KaiJuly, everybody!!!

I promised in my last stream that I would draw the winner of the poll, and then I forgot that wasn’t going to be June anymore. Junicorn is OVER, but that last Junicorn (Sci-Fi Unicorn) may yet live through KaiJuly… perhaps. I’ve got some planning to do, so stick around to see what comes out of my brain!

While I’m here, though, I may as well tell you about this cool thing I’m doing in August!

Below I have linked the ticket page for my upcoming Artists Showcase through Raw Artists. The event will be August 8th @ 7 p.m. at the Press Room in Downtown Phoenix. Tickets only cost $22.50, which gets you into a great summer party! There will be live music, food nearby, and plenty of local artists to support and admire up close!

This will be the first artists’ showcase I have participated in so far and I am excited to see how this strengthens my exhibition skills!

I hope you all get to be there with me!