Cookie cutter competition…

Hello all!
Rachel here, just wanting to drop a line to anyone looking for design assistance. I’ve been researching other quality graphic design outfits that offer the same services that we do here, and I have noticed a few things. For one: we all realize, as service providers, that your time is valuable. However I’ve seen that with a quick turn around in mind, they are sacrificing originality for templates so that you don’t have to do a lot of work just to make something decent. Another thing is: there’s no one there to answer questions if/when they come up. You either get it or you don’t, and that sink or swim attitude just can’t last in my opinion.
With that in mind we want you to know that with Renc Art LLC we will honor your time, and we will do it with style! Our aim is to ensure that you are proud of the results, because then we’ll be proud too! And we’ll be actual human beings on the other side if this arrangement, available to your questions and concerns at any time!

Keep that in mind when you make that choice, and thank you again for looking us up!
– Rachel Camacho, CEO and Founder

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