Octopus Mug
Octopus Mug Merch from Radnaut

Hello to Anyone who comes by looking for updates from us! It has been an entire year since posting on this site, but we have not been lazy, just preoccupied!

This last year we have purchased a new home and moved in; gone through quarantine and continue to social distance; and built out a larger library of merch over at Radnaut.com! (you can go to our merch page here for more information)

I have learned immensely this last year about perseverance and sticking with my goals. We still have a ways to go but we’re moving forward, and that is the right direction.


Rachel Camacho-McKee

So many projects on the docket for us so if you’ll pardon the brevity, I gotta go get back to work!

❤️ Camacho